Monday, August 17, 2015

My Family Thinks I Am Crazy

"My family thinks I am crazy." I cannot tell you how often we hear this statement or one that is very similar from clients. This happens when a person is under demonic influence or attack and no one else in their family or around them is being affected. It also happens when they seek help from people who do not believe in demons or are ill-equipped to deal with them. Demons divide families by only attacking one person or by leaving one person unscathed. This sets up the scenario of everyone thinking the one person is crazy or the one person thinking everyone else is crazy.

By dividing the family, demons destroy a sacred unit of human existence. It is one of their favorite forms of terrorism. They love to see husbands and wives turned against each other, children turned against parents, parents turned against children, and so on. By only attacking one person or by leaving one person alone they achieve the old divide and conquer strategy. It actually works quite well. By the time most people seek help, their families and relationships have all but been destroyed. Some damage may be irreparable.

Barring any real medical or psychological condition, people are generally not "crazy." They have been suffering from demonization. Different demons have different tactics and terroristic specialties. Some work on you mentally, some physically, some through other people, some through finances, some through your pets, some through your job, and so on. Whatever will bring you down is what they go after. They figure out your weakness(es) and that is what they key in on. You do not have to have a mental demon to eventually feel as if you are crazy or are losing your mind. Physical illnesses that are very real may manifest but medical professionals may say nothing is wrong because they cannot diagnose the problem. The typical response they give is that "it is all in your head" or they just simply begin to load up the person with medications that will never cure the problem. It becomes a vicious cycle and many people eventually just give up and start believing they really are crazy.

Many cases that we have worked have had family members pitted against each other. Of those, many have consisted of the wife or wife and children being the targets and the husband being left alone or having only experienced activity that can be easily explained away. Typical responses we often get are "I don't believe in that stuff,"  "none of that stuff happens to me," or "they are just imagining things." Men typically do not like to admit that something is wrong even if they have had significant experiences. We often have to drag the truth out of the husband/father/boyfriend. There are exceptions and we occasionally have cases where the entire family is involved.

The bottom line is, you are not crazy. You need someone to give you an honest explanation of what has and is happening to you. And finally, you need to have someone who can facilitate your deliverance. Never give up on seeking help and do not take no for an answer.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Too Much Communication

Communication is an integral part of everyday life. Most everyone uses some form of communication on a daily basis. Phones, newspapers, magazines, television, movies, computers, Internet, mail, in-person conversations or lectures. Humans and animals even communicate by using body language, behavior, and pheromones. Communication can be helpful and enlightening or it can be detrimental. You need look no further than social media to understand that. Sometimes people tend to over-communicate. They just do not know when to, for lack of a better term, shut up. This often causes major problems. These problems are bad enough when they arise with people. Imagine what could happen if you are communicating with the unknown.

Due to the paranormal media explosion in the last decade or so, more and more people are attempting to communicate with "the other side" or with "spirits/ghosts." While the other side does exist and there are spirits, there are no human "ghosts" wandering around. I know this is hard to believe given all of the "ghost" hunting shows and movies that are out there. While the evidence that "ghost" hunters collect may initially be compelling (i.e. EVPs), the voices that are being heard are ruses to convince people they are receiving messages from the dead. In reality, the voices are from non-human entities who can play any role they want and can even go along with any script they are given. For instance, if you go in believing that John Doe is the lost soul haunting a home and address the "ghost" using this name then you will receive the response that you expect. John Doe will communicate with you and may even give you pertinent information to further back up or prove he is there. Be aware. Non-human entities are very good at this. They have knowledge far beyond ours and they know how to hook you and keep you coming back for more. This is were people fall into the trap of too much communication.

Too much communication can sometimes cause problems. All of us know people who just simply talk too much. You cannot get a word in edge wise while they are around. The more they talk, the more alienated you get. It becomes a problem. The same thing occurs when people communicate with entities. The difference is that even a one-time communication can cause them to "like" you enough to be drawn to you permanently. The more you communicate with these entities the more open and inviting you become. You are showing interest in them and that is the equivalent of giving them an open invitation to be in your life. The more you open up and try to communicate the more they are drawn to you. Even if nothing was there initially the constant invitation will bring something in. 

Any communication with non-human entities should be highly discouraged. Having long discussions and asking questions gives them the legal right to be around you. The only communication that you should ever have with these entities is to state the fact that they are not welcome, have no right to be there, revoke any right they have to be there, and then tell them to leave in the name of Jesus. That should be the extent of what you say to them. Sometimes this is enough to make them leave or at least back off until you can get professional help to come in and facilitate their removal. You should never try to take them on by yourself. Never make deals with them, never invite them to take you on, and never settle for a truce. Communication must cease. When they try to communicate, start praying and asking for deliverance as well as reading or quoting Scripture. Make it perfectly clear that they are not welcome by calling out for Divine help. 

Finally, if you have initiated this communication and now have an unwanted house guest, do not hesitate to find professional help. The help you need to find should be an individual or team that works specifically in spiritual warfare and deliverance (or exorcism in the case of a full-on possession). "Ghost" hunting teams, although well-meaning and who truly want to help, are generally not capable of facilitating the removal of entities and may potentially cause more harm by continuing the communication process. It is imperative to get help as soon as possible before the entity becomes entrenched and creates more unnecessary havoc in your life. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

You Must Put Your Own House in Order First

Many people that we help want to join us in deliverance work. This is wonderful, but they must first put their own houses in order. There is an elation that happens when people are delivered from demonization. They want to help others which is a beautiful thing to do. We encourage that, but they need to go through a healing and learning process first. The last thing they need to do is to rush right in to demonic situations so soon after being freed from their own.

Doing this type of work takes serious commitment and requires a great deal of sacrifice. It also requires freedom from demonization. This means that you, your family, and your home must be clear and free from influence. You cannot effectively help others if there is any form of demonic influence in your life. Changes must almost assuredly be made in order to remain free. Make no mistake, there will always be varying degrees of interference because the enemy will try to stop you. This is different than influence.

Engaging in spiritual warfare requires a great deal of knowledge concerning what you are dealing with and how to go about it. It is a learning process that combines reading and understanding Scripture, reading books on the subject, learning to discern spirits, and first-hand (supervised) experience. Being able to take care of and protect yourself, your family, and your home is priority one. This is most often as far as many people will go. This is perfectly acceptable. If everyone was willing and able to at least do that much there would be less trouble from the enemy. This is also the level at which the vast majority of people are meant to be at. If that is the case, then you need to work within that level of your gift. We often refer to this as a "pay grade." You should not operate above or below your pay grade. What this means, essentially, is that if you are doing what you are supposed to do and at the level that you should be at then you will be fine and not get in over your head. This is where it pays to work with and listen carefully to someone who operates at a high level.

If you have made it through the initial stages and want to progress further, remember that it takes time and dedication. Once you have the basics mastered then you can build on that knowledge base. The process is infinite. There is always more to learn. Just as with all military personnel, you have to be skilled and competent to be effective in battle. You must also be disciplined.

Part of putting your house in order is getting control of your health and physical condition. You must take care of yourself. This means getting proper rest and sleep, daily exercise, wholesome nutrition, and help for medical issues. It is important to be as healthy as you can be because spiritual warfare and deliverance work will take a toll on the best of us. There is a reason for taking care of your health. Any problem or physical weakness will be manipulated and used against you. I have seen this happen and have had this happen to me. If you are taken down, distracted, or taken out of the fight completely then you are ineffective and will not be able to help anyone. This can make you a liability to others you are working with. They have to be concerned with protecting you and, in turn, become distracted. This endangers everyone.

So, you now have an idea of what you need to do to get started. Keep in mind that there is so much more that goes with what has been discussed here. This is, at least, food for thought and can help you in making the right decision.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Attitude is everything. Attitude can make or break you. It can also play a major role in how appealing or unappealing you are to demonic entities.

Our attitudes determine the course of our lives. A good or positive attitude will most certainly get you much further than a bad or negative attitude will. No one wants to be around someone who is negative or pessimistic all of the time. Yes, we all have rough patches and bad days that can and will affect our attitudes and outlooks to a certain extent. This is normal and natural because we are human. The problem lies in letting a negative attitude persist for any length of time.

Demonic entities are drawn to negativity. As they are negative entities, they crave and thrive on negative energy. It is akin to candy, soda, and ice cream to them. We all know what those items do to children! Well, negativity does the same thing to demons. Demons can also cause you to become negative by manipulating situations that can frustrate and anger you. You must learn to discern the difference in what is mundane and what is supernatural.

You do have a choice. Changing your attitude from negative to positive or maintaining a positive attitude can be hard work. It can be done. This world is full of frustrations and aggravations. We all experience these things and have to deal with them the best way that we can. Much of the time we over-react to trivial things and situations. Instead of just letting these things roll off of our backs we do things that escalate the problem or situation and make it much worse than it has to be. This sets us up for a bad day or bad week and then our attitude goes in the garbage. We dwell on the issue until it grows into a full-fledged monster that begins to gnaw at us. In the mean time, we start grumbling and talking to ourselves and become convinced that the world and everyone in it are against us. Demonic entities will join right in and help us along, further escalating the issue. Can you see where this is going? Does this sound familiar?

So, now that you have been worked into a frenzy and everyone is against you and you are mad at the world, you are fertile ground for demons. At this point, you need to slow your roll and stop the behavior. Yes, stop it. Do what you need to do to pull out of it. Suggestions would be: remove yourself from the situation; resolve it; pray; take a deep breath; go exercise/work out; take the day off; or whatever else you can think of to do that is positive. You simply must learn to pick your battles. Most things that we get upset or angry over are really not important. They are just minor trifles in the grand scheme of things but they can affect our attitudes in general if we let them.

Another important thing to learn is to stay away from people who are in a perpetual state of negativity and have terrible attitudes. I know this can be difficult if you have to work with someone or have family members who are like this. In those cases you have to do your best to minimize contact or to not engage them unless absolutely necessary. Just realize that you have the choice as to whether or not you participate in their negativity. If you have friends or other acquaintances who are always negative then you may need to move on and find new ones. The same rule may also apply with co-workers and family members. This may sound harsh or extreme but it becomes a matter of saving yourself or others from being led down a dark path or being mentally and emotionally destroyed.

Attitudes are contagious. Have you ever watched a room full of people go from having a good time to just wanting to leave all because one person makes a scene or causes a disruption? Almost everyone's mood and attitude changes in a very brief period of time. It works the same way at the office and at home. So, the more positive we can be the better off everyone will be. Ultra-simplistic, right? Yes. A solution does not have to be lengthy or complicated to be effective. Besides, it is much more pleasing to have a positive outlook and attitude. Why would you choose to be miserable?

In summary, negativity is like a magnet. It draws other negative things including negative entities. It feeds on itself and is used by those negative entities as a fuel or power source. These entities cannot do much if they do not have much to work with. Stay positive and push past any negativity you may encounter. Do not allow it to enter into your life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Difficulty with the Truth

As humans, we have difficulty hearing the truth about ourselves and our lives. Even if we already know it, we do not want to hear it from others or even admit to it. The truth can often be painful, disappointing, or overwhelming. It can also be liberating. it can also be liberating.

We often deal with clients who have a great deal of difficulty hearing the truth. They do not want to admit that they are being demonized. They want to believe that "ghosts" are the problem and try to convince themselves that demons are not real. Some refuse to admit that they even have a problem. Still others do not believe that we can actually rid them of the problem.

While we expect that there will be non-believers in what we do, it is painful when we are rejected by those closest to us. I personally lost the friendship of someone very close and dear to me. I agonized for quite some time over whether or not to tell this person about the demonic influence they and their family were under. When the time was right, I met with them and explained the situation. Even with all of the activity and incidents going on in their home and around them, they eventually refused help and rejected everything I told them because other people who were also under varying degrees of influence convinced them we could not do what we claimed because we were not Catholic priests and we were witches. Needless to say I was devastated.  This is a testament to demonic influence. I had known this family for years and we all trusted each other. It was painful to see them in that situation. Even though they knew me so well, they refused to believe the truth about their situation. Instead of accepting help, they rejected me and our years of friendship. I continue to pray for them to this day.

This was a hard lesson in how difficult it is for some people to accept the truth. It also shows how powerful demonic influence can be. The one bright aspect of this is that even though we were rejected and could not help this family, we have helped many, many others before and since then.

The words of Jesus are written: "He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth Him that sent me." (Luke 10:16, KJV).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Being in Agreement

Are you in agreement with God or with the devil? Do you believe that God loves you or that you are unworthy of His love? What you think and say about yourself is more powerful than what everyone else thinks and says about you.

The enemy will always be against you. You may think he is on your side and wants you to be free to do anything you want. The enemy wants you to believe that God only wants to control you and punish you and will never allow you to have any fun. He will tell you that you are worthless and that God could not possibly love someone so useless, imperfect, pathetic, and broken. The devil tells you these things until you believe them. You begin to tell yourself the same things and you agree with them. Remember these things: The devil is a liar and the father of lies; he is the accuser; he is the destroyer; he is a murderer; and he is the deceiver. Never, ever believe anything the enemy says. If you believe him and agree with him, then you are in league with him. God loves you and wants you to be happy and joyful. He would never say or think such things to or about you.

Be careful to discern where your information comes from. Be careful to not listen to and agree with wrong or harmful information. When you believe and agree with the enemy, you give him permission to have influence over you. He will use this to destroy you and everyone and everything you love.

You can change your situation and your life. You can take authority over the enemy. Believe that God loves you and ask for Him to help you and He will.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Soul Detox

Blow back, Stockholm Syndrome, the after effects of the deliverance process, and how people are affected. A soul or spiritual detox can be a difficult process to get through. It can be equated to giving up a habit such as smoking or the loss of someone through breaking up, divorce, a move, and so on. This soul/spiritual/energetic attachment is often referred to as a cord that connects the entity or entities to the person. This same type of unhealthy attachment can be found between people as well.

Getting through the first few days or sometimes the first few weeks after the deliverance may seem impossible to start with. People most often have a withdrawal process that they must go through, especially if they have been demonized for a long period of time. They have been exposed to and have interacted with an entity or entities and their energy. A person can become "addicted" to that energy even if they do not want to. He or she becomes used to the energy being there even if it is painful or frightening. When that energy is removed (via the entity removal), people often feel the loss to the extent that they convince themselves it is still there.

Once the deliverance has taken place, a client will feel the difference in their house, business, property, or even his/herself. They generally even comment on how much lighter the place feels. They are happy and relieved and appear to have a whole new outlook. We counsel them and make them aware of the amount of time required for the residual energy to dissipate (Negative energy is like smog, for lack of a better term, and takes time to be cleared away. Since the origin of that energy has been removed, no more is being created. The atmosphere will settle out and return to normal.). The client is made aware of this and we always reiterate to ensure that he or she understands. Inevitably we will receive a panicked phone call or email from someone claiming that "it's back" or "it's still here." These calls always come before the time frame we have established for them. We reassure them and remind them once more of  the time frame. Once the time is up, we generally receive another phone call or email from them stating how happy they are, how much better they feel, and how thankful they are to be free.

One thing we have learned is to not take it personally when clients contact us in a state of panic. It is part of the process. We offer advice on how to lessen the effects of the soul detox. The best way is to not dwell on the past, be happy, and move on. I know this is easier said than done sometimes. People process traumatic experiences and events in different ways. Believe it or not, being demonized is traumatic! In order to help people and perform deliverance work you must have an understanding of this. This is why we counsel people and determine where, when, how, and why they have been demonized. It is part of the healing process for them. They must understand how this happened in order to protect themselves going forward. It is imperative that they do not dwell on things. People often want to know the name of the entity and other information. They often ask for any evidence (i.e. EVPs, photos, video) we may have caught. This information is not important for them to have. It is our policy to not provide it for them. Why? Because it only adds fuel to the fire and makes the healing process that much more difficult. If they are busy or obsessed with looking at photos and videos, listening to EVPs, and looking up the name on the internet then they are keeping themselves within and under the influence of the entity even though it is no longer there. They can even open themselves up to demonization from other entities as well. Someone who has been delivered must move forward with life.

As the old saying goes, the best revenge is living well.